Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dakuwaqa -The mighty shark god

The mighty shark god

Dakuwaqa was extremely powerful and greatly feared by all

Dakuwaqa, the arrogant and aggressive shark god, was the most agitated and feared of all sea creatures that guarded the islands' reef entrances.

He was stubborn, daring, and jealous of other reef guardians, always on the lookout to challenge their authority and fight those he had not yet encountered.

It was his agenda to stir up trouble and take over the reefs around Fiji.

After causing chaos and dominating the guardians of the reefs in the Lomaiviti group, Dakuwaqa headed to Suva for his next match.

On the way, he was confronted by a local sea monster. Anger and excitement of another chance to prove his strength stirred Dakuwaqa and he immediately stepped up to the challenge.

The two sea monsters attacked each other with full force, seizing each other and struggling to overcome the other.

Their wild thrashings caused unrest below and above the water as great waves formed and rolled into the mouth of the Rewa River. These great towers of waves crashed on shore and flooded the land, waters even reaching the valleys, many miles inland.

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  1. my name is deedee alice white my married name is moceiwasa my hushband jovili is dakawaqa the shark god is tiger shark not bull please check suva museum achives and somosomo village history vinaka moce